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Runes are ancient. They are the symbols from which our alphabet was developed. The first historically documented use of runes in a systematic way (as words) is 50 C.E. It is not known when the first symbols were written, then used to mean the same thing over and over. Scholars still study and argue how […]

Query Letter: Going Beyond the Pitch – Knowing About Who You Are

I’ve read thousands of query letters. Thousands and thousands. At the beginning of my career, the queries came from agents. They were polished. They were short. They were resting on the laurels of that agent’s reputation. If a high-powered agent sent a submission to me or my boss, I knew I had to put whatever […]

What’s a Sensitivity Reader…and Do I Need One?

The fairly new term “sensitivity reader” might make warning bells go off for authors, who need to have artistic freedom and be free from fear of censorship. No fiction writer or memoirist wants to have their portrayal of characters from a different race, class, gender, or culture than their own stamped with a big “WRONG.” […]

Writing for the Love of Discovery: On Research and Ekphrasis

Editor’s Note: In this entry, Helen Fowler reflects on attending Charlotte Lit’s Poetry Workshopping feedback group with Danny Romine Powell last fall. Knowing I have to write to meet a deadline can send me on a frantic search for a good prompt, that holy grail that leads to something worth writing about. Before I signed […]