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Rewriting Southern Traditions

LAKE HARTWELL, SOUTH CAROLINA By Beth Gilstrap   It’s past lunch hour and Grandmother is still wearing her housecoat. Tings and sprays bounce from the stovetop. A glimmer of steam gathers on her upper lip, not sweat, mind you—not sweat. The peonies on the fabric are wide and heavy pink, like they’d fall over if […]

Five Steps Every Author Needs to Take Before Finishing a Manuscript

In 2016, after six years of writing, I finally finished my first manuscript. I truly believed that writing a book was the most difficult part of becoming an author. No one told me selling a book is tougher than writing one. It is almost as if I believed, “If I write it, they will come.” […]

That Fragile Moment

We are always at the beginning of things, in the fragile moment that holds the power of life….we are always at the morning of the world. I often think of this quotation by the Chinese-born French writer François Cheng, but especially in the morning. This is indeed the most “fragile moment” for me as a […]

Honoring the Craft

By Amy Paturel You might have heard the platitude “those who can’t do, teach.” Obviously, I don’t agree with that theory. I’m a teacher. Plus, I have several friends and acquaintances who defy that logic. And yet, I also recognize that teaching makes doing a lot more challenging. A former student, who is also a […]