Lit/South Awards 2022

Winners, Finalists & Semi-finalists


1st Place: In Varanasi – Karen Salyer McElmurray

2nd Place: When Organ Becomes Metaphor – Tracy Rothschild Lynch

3rd Place: Lucas – Matt Cheek

Additional Finalists:

Hattie Mae’s Harvest – Lori Johnson

The Perfect Lamp – Ashley Memory

Ronald Reagan Made Me Do It – Toni Bellon

What I Know About Death So Far – Suzanne Adams

The Special Recipe for Making Babies – Kara Zajac


Ascension – Frances Pearce

Home Alone – Irma Quinn

Killer Boobs – Anne Schmitt

Living Hope – Sue Goldstein

Mast Year – Kristin Sherman

October in Hopkins Cabin – Elizabeth Johnson

Show Me – Heather Adams

Ten Swims in Falls Lake – Virginia Ewing Hudson


1st Place: This Picture of Your House – Dustin M. Hoffman

2nd Place: Breath in the Body – Pamela Wright

3rd Place: Who Kills the Bugs for the Dalai Lama? – Janna Zonder

Honorable Mentions:

Hallelujah By and By – Pamela Wright

New Brunswick Enigma – Maryann Hopper

Additional Finalists:

Another Time Could Be Different – Amber Wheeler Bacon

Devil’s Footprint On My Chin – Mary Alice Dixon


Beyond This Place of Wrath and Tears – Chris Olson

The Day I Saw Janis – Michael Sadoff

The Great Explorer Alejandro de la Cuesta – Chris Negron

Halltown Blues – Karen Robbins

The Lock Up – Tamela Rich

Mary, Joey and Me – Fola Onifade

Mimosa Tree Lane – Rebecca Jones

Patron Saint of Tetherball – Terri Leonard

People Like Ants – Jacqueline Parker

What Comes Next – Matthew Duffus


1st Place: The Damage – Amber Wheeler Bacon

2nd Place: Lesbian Communion – Kacie Faith Kress

3rd Place: Troubles No More – Michael Banks

Honorable Mentions:

General Sorrows – Amber Wheeler Bacon

Going Home – David Dixon

Additional Finalists:

Exit Wound – Rebecca Jones

Off – On – Mark Mayer

On – Off – Mark Mayer


Jury Duty – Tara Deal

Scar – Maureen Sherbondy

Two – Sandra Hardy

Untitled – Denise Boster

What You Don’t See at Roseland – Gregg Cusick


1st Place: The Peony – Amie Whittemore

2nd Place: Imagine Me – Junious Ward

3rd Place: Find a Friend – AE Hines

Honorable Mentions:

The Birds of Lake Norman – Shannon C. Ward

Her Name Was Theosa – Cynthia Robinson Young

If No One Opens Us, We’ll Thirst – Amie Whittemore

The Last Exxon in Oregon – Steve Cushman

Additional Finalists:

Birch Tree Summer – Tennessee Hill

In the year of our Lord, 1621, my husband paints me as a nun – Jenny Hubbard

Last Night I Made Love with a Horse – Barbara Campbell

La Chambre d’écoute, 1952 – Richard Allen Taylor

Love as an Object Lesson, Cornfield – Junious Ward

The Opposite of Charleston is Pittsburgh – Yvette R. Murray

Patriots – Wayne Johns

pixie – Sara Beck

The southern hemisphere of longing and regret – Fred Pond

Spring, Morning – Barry Peters


After the Adoption – AE Hines

Bagatelle – Tori Reynolds

Behind the Purple Lilacs – Barbara Campbell

Bertha – Emily W Pease

Camouflage – Lucinda Trew

Cyanide Slinger Swing – Jessica Lee Richardson

Deployed – Tina Barr

I Inherited Hundreds of Candles – Richard Allen Taylor

In the Dark I Light a Little Fire – Annie Woodford

of wangechi mutu’s fantastic journey – Caren Stuart

The Resolution – Shannon C. Ward

Totality – Gretchen Steele Pratt

Two Dreams About the Moon – Kathy Goodkin