Charlotte Lit’s New Studio Two!

Studio Two is Charlotte Lit’s new writing, learning, and community space. Find the daily schedule and usage rules here. Questions? Email

Open Studio Guidelines

Studio Two is available to Charlotte Lit members as “Open Studio” during Midwood International & Cultural Center building hours, when not in use for other Charlotte Lit or community events (see schedule below). The room is accessed by a passcode, which is changed monthly. (Members can obtain the current code by emailing or sending a text to 336-926-8833.)

While we’re still working out the room’s working guidelines, the general principle is to share the space according to the wishes of those who are present. This means the room will be a quiet writing space most of the time. Music can be played with the consent of all who are present, and anyone present has the right to request quiet. Remember always that this is a shared community space—everyone who uses it is expected to put things back where they found them, to clean up after themselves, to not put trash or any liquids in the recycling bin, and to occasionally take out the trash, and provide some general room tidying and sweeping. We’re open to suggestions and feedback at

Reserved For Charlotte Lit Events (No Open Studio) During These Times

Every Wednesday 9:30-10:30 am (Putting Pen to Paper)
Saturday, July 13 All Day (Authors Lab)
Sunday, July 14 Noon-5 pm (Authors Lab)
Tuesday, July 15 6:30-8:30 pm (CWC Board Meeting)
Saturday, August 10 All Day (Authors Lab)
Sunday, August 11 Noon-5 pm (Authors Lab)