Charlotte GoodLit Poetry Fellowship

Announcing the 2023 Charlotte GoodLit Poetry Fellowship

We are proud to announce a year-long fellowship to support and expand the career of an emerging poet in the Charlotte, NC area. Applications will be accepted from November 15 – December 15, 2022. The winning Fellow, announced in January 2023, will be selected by representatives of Charlotte Lit, Goodyear Arts, West Trade Review, and the Charlotte Poet Laureate.

Who should apply?

  • An emerging poet who is at least eighteen and is a full-time resident of the Charlotte area;
  • A poet who has not published a full length collection of poetry;
  • A poet whose poetic career could be significantly impacted by the benefits of this fellowship and who otherwise might not have access to these benefits; and
  • A poet who has much to offer and much to learn and is eager to add to the legacy of Charlotte’s literary landscape.

What’s included in the Fellowship?

  • One-year membership to Charlotte Lit, including access to the organization’s 2023 catalog of writing classes;
  • One month of free, private, and 24/7 studio usage at Goodyear Arts;
  • Publishing 101 discussion with the editor of West Trade Review;
  • Feedback on five poems by West Trade Review;
  • Participation as a submissions reader for West Trade Review (starting in April or August);
  • Access to a six-week workshop with Poet Laureate;
  • Feedback on chapbook-length manuscript of poems by Poet Laureate;
  • Feedback on chapbook-length manuscript with a writer from the Goodyear Arts Collective;
  • Opportunity to develop and facilitate a two-hour craft workshop with Charlotte Lit, including workshop development coaching;
  • Chapbook publication by Charlotte Lit Press; and
  • Public reading event at Goodyear Arts.

What is the purpose of the Fellowship?

  • The purpose of the GoodLit Poetry Fellowship is to provide an emerging poet with a year full of opportunities that broaden their knowledge of craft, expand their platform within the city, further their experience with workshop facilitation, assist them in navigating the world of publishing, and give them a platform to enrich Charlotte’s literary landscape.

What does “emerging poet” mean?

  • For the purpose of this fellowship, an applicant should be a poet who has not yet published a full-length collection of poetry and who sees themselves as emerging vs. established. This artist may or may not have a list of journal and/or chapbook publications and performance credentials. They may be just starting out or could be well along in their poetic journey. Of key importance are that the poet has a passion for writing, a demonstrable skill set, and the potential to benefit from a boost to get to the next level of their poetic career.

How can a poet apply for the fellowship?