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Litmosphere is now an open submission, paying online literary and art journal, published twice a year.

We’re open for submissions of art, flash (fiction and nonfiction), poetry, and short prose (fiction and literary nonfiction) in January for the Spring issue and in July for the Fall issue. The journal is free to read and there is no fee to submit.

Litmosphere is a publication of Charlotte Lit Press, the imprint of Charlotte Center for Literary Arts, Inc. (“Charlotte Lit”). We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts center. You can find us at and on social media: Instagram: charlottelit, Twitter/X: CLTLitArts, Facebook: CLTLit.

Our Vision

It seems the literary journal world has become an immense and sometimes less than friendly landscape for writers seeking to find homes for their work. We’ve envisioned Litmosphere as an oasis in the desert of long response times and impersonal rejection notes. As writers ourselves, we know submitters are putting real skin (thick or thin) into the game and deserve our full attention and respect. We strive to make meaningful connections with potential contributors, regardless of our ability to include their work in a particular issue. That desire to connect carries over to a preference for readers to more deeply experience authors’ voices by publishing together multiple pieces from the same writers. We are interested in work by all writers, and are particularly eager to receive submissions from those historically underrepresented in publishing. Finally, we’re committed to crafting a nourishing, visually appealing, easy-to-navigate journal.

Our Aesthetic

Litmosphere is for lovers of image and metaphor, writers and readers as curious about inner experience as driving narrative. It’s a place readers can easily dip in, read a piece or two, but our goal is to curate content and design a reading experience that makes you want to linger, luxuriate in rich language, reconsider the world and your place in it.

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