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Lisa Zerkle and the Charlotte Lit 4X4CLT Poetry/Art Poster Series, by Mark West, Storied Charlotte, October 18, 2021

The Founding of a New Charlotte-Based Literary Journal, by Mark West, Storied Charlotte, August 30, 2021

Paul Reali on the Importance of Creativity, by Mark West, Storied Charlotte, May 17, 2021

The Accidental Poet: Kathie Collins on the Life-Changing Art of Writing (And Reading) Poetry, by Page Leggett, in The Biscuit from Charlotte is Creative, February 16, 2021

Charlotte Lit Turns Five, by Mark West, Storied Charlotte, February 15, 2021

Poetry at Work Day: Three Charlotte Poets Share Ideas on How to Celebrate, by Page Leggett, featuring Kathie Collins, in The Biscuit from Charlotte is Creative, January 12, 2021


How to Spend Your Pandemic Time at Home: Paul Reali on WCNC’s Charlotte Today, March 25, 2020

How to Start Journaling: Kathie Collins and Paul Reali on WCNC’s Charlotte Today, January 10, 2020


Building a Better Book Club: Kathie Collins and Paul Reali on WCNC’s Charlotte Today, December 19, 2019

Six Tips for Creative Writing: Kathie Collins and Paul Reali on WCNC’s Charlotte Today, October 14, 2019

10 easy ways to get involved in the Charlotte arts and culture scene, by Jillian Mueller, Charlotte Five, October 13, 2019

Fancy yourself a writer? A poet? You can join the Charlotte Lit community, by Vanessa Infanzon, in Charlotte Five, September 18, 2019

Beautiful Truth Initiative, WBTV’s News Saturday, August 2019

Out of Many Truths, One Most Beautiful, by Charles Fiore, NC Writers’ Network Blog, July 19, 2019


A Natural Match: 4X4CLT Pairs Art & Poetry, by Erin L. Miller, Nocturne Woman, Jun 12, 2017

Match a poet with an artist (or two) in Charlotte and you get 4X4CLT, by Lynn Trenning, Charlotte Observer, June 08, 2017

Create Charlotte Lit and They Will Come, by Corbie Hill, Creative Loafing, March 29, 2017

Charlotte Lit Celebrates the Late Novelist Carson McCullers, by Jasmin Herrera, Creative Loafing, March 8, 2017

Does Charlotte have a right to claim Carson McCullers? by Dannye Romine Powell, Charlotte Observer, January 6, 2017


‘Slow Words Movement’ Thriving at Charlotte Lit, by Kimberly Lawson, Charlotte Viewpoint, October 25, 2016

“Maybe this is a bit of a response in some ways to the overabundance of fast information in social media and media in general,” Collins says. “Social media is fast content, and we are endorsing the slower transmission of literature because it’s deeper.”

Reali adds: “So if there was a slow food movement, maybe we have the slow words movement.”

The (non-traditional) Plaza Midwood coworking space you probably haven’t heard of, by Katie Toussaint, Charlotte Five, 2016.

The Launch of Charlotte Lit, by Charles Fiore, NC Writers’ Network Blog, February 18, 2016

Poet Linda Pastan will meet, greet, read, by Dannye Romine Powell, Charlotte Observer, February 3, 2016.

“Charlotte Lit hit town and quick-as-a-wink lept into the light. Created by Kathie Collins and Paul Reali, the new organization knows how to beat the drum and attract members.

“This month, they are bringing to Charlotte former Maryland poet laureate Linda Pastan, a stunning, award-winning writer whose poems delve into the inner workings of family, the deep longings of its members, the bonds we seek to form and to escape.”

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