Two-Minute Writing Tips

From Charlotte Lit Co-founders Kathie Collins & Paul Reali

These tips are featured in every episode of the new Charlotte Readers Podcast – Beyond 300 series. You can listen to Charlotte Readers Podcast wherever you get your podcasts or at the podcast website.

Read, Read, Read, by Kathie (Podcast Episode 302)

Show and Tell, by Paul (Podcast Episode 303)

Do the Math, by Paul (Podcast Episode 304)

Variety in Revision, by Kathie (Podcast Episode 305)

Mystery and Confusion in Poetry, by Kathie (Podcast Episode 306)

What is Story, by Paul (Podcast Episode 307)

Immutable Law of Writing #1, by Paul (Podcast Episode 308)

Immutable Law of Writing #2, by Paul (Podcast Episode 309)

Immutable Law of Writing #3, by Paul (Podcast Episode 310)

Immutable Law of Writing #4, by Paul (Podcast Episode 311)

Immutable Law of Writing #5, by Paul (Podcast Episode 312)

[To Be Added]

Adding Detail, a Bit at at Time, by Paul (Podcast Episode 314)

Getting Inside a Character’s Head, by Paul (Podcast Episode 315)

Anti-Resolutions, by Paul (Podcast Episode 316)

Vision Boards, by Paul (Podcast Episode 317)

What to Do with Feedback, by Kathie (Podcast Episode 318)

Gifts for Writers, by Paul (Podcast Episode 319)

On Writing Scenes, by Paul (Podcast Episode 320)

Where to Begin a Scene Begin, by Paul (Podcast Episode 321)

Point of View in Scenes, by Paul (Podcast Episode 322)

Elements of Scenes, by Paul (Podcast Episode 323)

Ending Scenes, by Paul (Podcast Episode 324)

How Much Detail, by Paul (Podcast Episode 325)

The Secret of Detail: Who Sees What (and Why), by Paul (Podcast Episode 326)

When Should You Focus on Details, by Paul (Podcast Episode 327)

Symbols in Stories, by Kathie (Podcast Episode 328)