Congratulations 2024 1st Place Winners

Poetry – Selected by Jericho Brown
Arielle Hebert: “Athazagoraphobia”

Creative Nonfiction – Selected by Maggie Smith
Caroline Hamilton Langerman: “The Difficult Child”

Fiction – Selected by Clyde Edgerton
Michael Sadoff: “Decoy”

Winners receive $1,000 plus publication in Litmosphere: Journal of Charlotte Lit

Congratulations to All Winners & Finalists!


Winner: Arielle Hebert: “Athazagoraphobia”

Additional Finalists:

Caeli Faisst: “Withering”
Caroline Wilson: “Oak Gall Prayer”
Christine Marshall: “The Evolution of Flight”
Eddy Hicks: “Soiled”
Em Palughi: “Radnor Lake, July 4th”
Eric Nelson: “O My World”
Erin Cowles: “Cut me, I won’t die”
Janet Ford: “Pizza Hut on Central Avenue, 1:00 am”
Jo Angela Edwins: “The Carriage”
Maria Picone: “To the guy who made me a pretzel at the mall and wouldn’t give up until I told him where I’m really, really from”
Max Seifert: “The Incredulity”
Nadine Ellsworth: “Three Portraits of Women on Fire”
Regina Garcia: “High John”
Rosa Castellano: “A girl the color of sunshine on water…”


Winner: Caroline Hamilton Langerman: “The Difficult Child”

Additional Finalists:

Kristen Dorsey: “Vine of My Soul”
Mary Tribble: “Our Mothers Map Our Lives”
Sarah Hosseini: “Just Five Minutes”
Stephanie Gilman: “Revisions”
Terri Leonard: “Gurus: Water Oaks on Motherhood”


Winner: Michael Sadoff: “Decoy”

Honorable Mention: Anna Schachner: “The Lovely Woods Are Yours”
Honorable Mention: Melanie Raskin: “Wishbone”

Additional Finalists:

Michael Brown: “Belize”
Stevenson Richardson: “The Get-Gone Man”
Vicki Derderian: “Binder of Guys”
William Wyatt: “Barbicide” and “Broken Water”

Finalists receive $100 plus publication in Litmosphere: Journal of Charlotte Lit

About the Lit/South Awards & Litmosphere Journal

Charlotte Lit’s Lit/South Awards are open to current and past residents of North Carolina and its four border states, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia. In 2024, $6,000 in total prizes were awarded in three categories: poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction.

All prize-winning entries and finalists, and selected semi-finalists, are published in Litmosphere: Journal of Charlotte Lit, alongside the works of our judges.

To order one or more copies of Litmosphere Issue 3 — $15, shipped — go here. The print edition will be available April 1.