Pitch Us to Teach or Present

Hello! If you’re interested in teaching, reading, or presenting for Charlotte Lit, please read this FAQ before pitching us. Due to the number of inquiries we get, we won’t be able to consider pitches that have not been informed by the answers on this page.

For what kinds of events does Charlotte Lit accept pitches?

Single-session (two-hour) classes for writers and free community conversations.

What kinds of writing classes would be of interest?

Within the categories of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, multi-genre, and the business of writing, we’re open to your ideas. We have the staple topics covered; what do you have that’s new and different? It might help to flip through our catalog to see what we’ve offered most recently. Note that while we do offer longer classes, first-time applicants should pitch a single-session, two-hour class only. After you’ve worked with us, we may invite you to teach a multi-session class.

How much do you pay?

Our 2024-25 compensation rate for craft classes is $100 per teaching hour.

Where are classes held?

Either in-person at Charlotte Lit or online via Zoom.

What is a community conversation?

A facilitated discussion with the audience, usually led by a pair of writers. Topics can be directly writing/literature-related, or can be a cultural issue viewed through the lens of literature. These are usually held in-person at Charlotte Lit, and are attended by 10-30 people.

Do you pay community conversation facilitators?

No, but facilitators can bring their published books to sell at the event.

Do you accept pitches for readings or book launches?

We don’t. Our local bookstores do a great job with readings. In the Charlotte area, you can inquire at Park Road Books, Main Street Books, and Book Buyers.

You do host readings, though. How would someone get one of those spots?

Our occasional readings and book launches generally fit one of these situations:

  • a Charlotte Lit Press author or established faculty member has a new book release;
  • we’ve contracted with a nationally recognized writer for a master class or grant-funded programs such as Poetry Nightclub and Lit Up!.

In all cases, this Charlotte Lit event must be the writer’s only local appearance within six months.

What are my chances of acceptance?

We like to introduce two or three new teachers into the community each year. The applications most likely to break through will offer a novel idea and demonstrate solid teaching/presenting experience.

How and when do I make my pitch?

If you’ve read and absorbed all of the above, you can pitch us with this form. We read pitches in February each year (though you can pitch any time) for our September to May programming year. We will respond in early March.

Do I have to use the pitch form?

Yes, unless you’re already a faculty member, in which case you can pitch us directly.

What if my pitch is timely and can’t wait until the next programming year?

We very, very rarely add a class or event to the schedule once it has been published. If you truly think we’ll want to make an exception, first fill out the form, then send a note to pmartinac@charlottelit.org and ask us to look for it.

What if I have additional questions?

There is a space for questions on the pitch form.