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Homelight by Lola Haskins (front cover)

Charlotte Lit Press is thrilled to publish the latest poetry collection from Lola Haskins, Homelight.

Homelight is the 14th poetry collection from Lola Haskins, past winner of the Iowa Poetry Prize, two Florida Book Awards, two NEA fellowships, and other honors. As late work sometimes does, Homelight has a broad reach. In the first section, “On the Shoulders of Giants,” Haskins remembers poets who preceded her, Sappho to Blake to Merwin. After lingering to consider a Michelangelo drawing, she moves on to birds in “Wings.” Then, in “And They Are Gone” and “(In)humanity,” she turns to the arrogance of the way we treat the planet and each other. A pause for “Corona,” then on to love, both bad and good, in “The Slapped Girl.” The final section, “Rehearsing,” considers death, in the form of tributes to lost friends and her own preparations to follow them. There is humor here, lyricism and epic sweeps, and, almost at the end, these lines to a lover: “I wear you under my clothes the way a Sikh wears his cord, / in token of the ineffable beauty of the world,” which – as Merwin, who praised her work, would have seen immediately – might as well have been addressed to poetry itself.

Lola Haskins has published 13 previous poetry collections, the most recent of which, Asylum: Improvisations on John Clare (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2019), was featured in the New York Times Sunday Magazine. Past honors include the Iowa Poetry Prize, two NEA fellowships, two Florida Book Awards, narrative poetry prizes from Southern Poetry Review and New England Review, a Florida’s Eden prize for environmental writing, and the Emily Dickinson prize from Poetry Society of America.

Title: Homelight
Author: Lola Haskins
Format: Paperback, 6″ x 9″
ISBN: 978-1-960558-03-9
Publication Date: Fall 2023
Publisher: Charlotte Lit Press

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