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Paying Attention Requires the Deep Gaze, Not the Passing Glance

Needing to feel grounded, I sit outside, an acorn in my hand. A slight breeze brushes my face. I loosen my grip on the acorn; and it feels lighter, as if it might mysteriously dissolve and flow into my veins. Does this acorn hold within its DNA the tiny thing Julian of Norwich held in […]

Getting Lit at Home

So, you’re going to be spending a bit more time at home? You could binge Netflix, but we have some ideas for how to get more Lit. (Thanks to WCNC’s Charlotte Today for inviting us on to talk about these ideas.) Read more. We all have a stack on our nightstands. Plus, you can check […]

Pacing in a Poem

by Tina Barr One element that I often share with students, when we workshop poems, is the movement or pacing of a poem. The poem’s imagistic, linguistic or narrative thrust must convey the reader through the poem. The poem might center on a small drama, and this is fine. Think of a haiku. But the poem’s length has […]

A Little Bit Afraid

A hundred people gathered for a lunch-and-learn session on developing their creative process. Just a quick look at creativity as a discipline rather than an airy flight of fancifulness. As part of that process, I encouraged them to fill their creative wells by seeking experiences outside their comfort zone, what I call “rambles.” One woman […]