Caren Stuart

of wangechi mutu’s fantastic journey

(to keep the figure of the woman center and

then …)

threads.   sway.     sound.


cricket song then artist’s voice
then tangle. bramble. twine.
rounds of wounds.       suspension.
you can’t tell the difference here. hear:
these are not injuries. these are
poetry. rhythms. rhymes. balls
of that which has been wound up …
rounds of wounds.       suspension.
andthenHerEnemiesBecameAfraid   ofHer.
i’m gonna try
to remake it
those creature chimera things following her

                            a walking at waters’ edge

          a philosophy i kind of

believe in which is

          i kind of believe in which is

i kind of believe in
witch es

if you utter something
if you make something
it will actually come to life.


                  is wading in.

I love
gloves. I love

                  long gloves.

She has a coyote head coyotes are
incredibly powerful in a lot
of nativeamericanindigenousamerican
TriumphantWarriorFemale (is)
a really interesting reverberation in my head
like a horseanda snakeanda dragonall at once People
are leaning in         are pressing
fingers to mouths
are nodding     holding     chins

on water


she’s able to kind of escape primarily because
she said she’s no longer afraid

duct tape  -    hammer  –     glue
water        –     the reason that we’re here

she            is wading in

she’s got all these different kinds of media
but water   color       first
the power is keep   the figure    the story
of female in the center    not to marginalize
and give