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Using the Sense of Smell

Part of Charlotte Lit’s “Keeping Pen to Paper” Series. Writers paint a picture for our readers. We want them to see what we see, or what we’ve imagined. So it makes sense that the most of our writing focuses on what we see—that is, uses the sense of sight. But if you want to paint […]

Getting Lit at Home

So, you’re going to be spending a bit more time at home? You could binge Netflix, but we have some ideas for how to get more Lit. (Thanks to WCNC’s Charlotte Today for inviting us on to talk about these ideas.) Read more. We all have a stack on our nightstands. Plus, you can check […]

Genre Mystery Recommendations for Book Clubs

If your book club reads exclusively mysteries, or if your book club wants to try a year of mysteries, it can be a good idea to mix up the types of books you read. But how to categorize? Within the larger category of crime are sub-categories: thriller, suspense, and mystery…and within mystery are more than […]

“Just What I Needed” – Remembering Ric Ocasek

I discovered music when I was 16. Mike Lochner came into the boys locker room at Bishop Gibbons High School before cross country practice, bearing a giant silver boom box. He set it down on a bench, and reached for the Play button. Then he stopped. “You have to hear this,” he said. The button […]

What I’m Reading This Summer

Editor’s Note: This is the latest installment of summer reading picks from Charlotte Lit staff. Here, Charlotte Lit col-founder Paul Reali shares what he’ll be reading this summer. Each time I pick up my iPad with the Kindle app, or pick through the stack on my nightstand, my different selves do battle. Which Paul is doing […]

We’re throwing a(nother) party!

If you know Charlotte Lit at all, you probably know we like to throw a party. Every year at this time, we do something interesting, party-wise. Four years ago we made our debut with a 100-person event at The Light Factory featuring poet Linda Pastan. A year later, in February 2017, we celebrated our first birthday […]

15 Elements of a Great Blog Post

This post was created by Paul’s Blogging Universe Part 1 class, January 10, 2019. An Intriguing Title Humor Life Relevant Inspirational Motivational How-to Clear and to the point Informative Teaches Surprises Connects to another idea or topic Links to other relevant content Worthy of my time The right length Entertaining

Reading “A Christmas Carol” as a writer

“Marley was dead, to begin with.” From first line to last—”God bless us, everyone”—last week 30 people got together at ImaginOn for a joyous public reading of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. (In case you’re wondering, it takes about three hours.) The cast included 10 Charlotte Lit members and teachers, a dozen local actors, and staff of the […]

Announcing: Charlotte Lit’s Studio Two!

Charlotte Lit has grown fledgling wings and is ready to fly. No, we’re not leaving our current nest—we’re adding another. We’re going out on a limb and opening a second studioon the first floor of the Midwood International & Cultural Center. We’ll use Studio Two for Charlotte Lit classes and social events. The rest of […]